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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. History

3. Acknowledgments

4. Membership Policy

5. Discussion Guidelines

6. Joining the GMCnet List

7. List Management

8. Disclaimer

9. Contact Information

1. Introduction

GMCnet exists for the purpose of exchanging information and promoting discussion about the motorhomes manufactured by General Motors Corporation(GMC) from 1973 to 1978. Discussion about all aspects of the GMC Motorhome and the mutual interests of their owners is encouraged.

Please be aware that subscribing to an automated mailing list may result in large amounts of email. This is not a "chat room" and your account will continue to accumulate email when you are off-line. If you or your internet service provider cannot tolerate large volume email traffic, then you should consider subscribing to the digest version, which should only produce a few emails per day.

This list is based at and currently operates using the Lyris List Manager mailing list manager. The Listmaster is .

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2. History

GMCnet is a service of, which exists as a result of the encouragement received from members of the Toronado Mail List. During the Summer of 1997, members of the Toro List urged Patrick Flowers to write a FAQ for the GMC motorhomes. David Moninger of The IslandTime Web Site offered server space for the FAQ, and the project commenced. Once the FAQ was published, response from GMC owners and fans was overwhelming, prompting the more ambitious project,, to be launched. In September of 1997, the circle became complete with GMCnet coming online.

In August of 2004, ceased operations, the domain was secured and a dedicated server was rented as a new home for GMCnet. In July of 2005 the list was temporarily moved the to facilitate further development of the GMCnet site.

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3. Acknowledgements

I would like to thank the following for their support:

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4. Membership Policy

GMCnet is an open subscription list. No qualification is required to join, nor is ownership of a GMC motorhome a prerequisite. The only requirement is a genuine interest in GMC motorhomes.

Subscribers whose GMCnet email begins "bouncing" due to mailbox size limitations or other internet service provider problems will be removed from the list until these problems are resolved.

Terms of service. By subscribing to GMCnet, you expressly agree to abide by these guidelines and acknowledge that failure to do so will result in your removal from the list. In addition, you agree that the list is administered under the sole discretion of the Listmaster and Board of Directors, whose decisions are final.

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5. Discussion Guidelines

To post a message to the list, send your email addressed to . Do not send administrative or subscribe/unsubscribe requests to this address. These should either be directed to the or .

All postings should be GMC motorhome-related in some way. Net etiquette is strongly encouraged at all times and the list is intended to be self- managing. Postings are un-moderated and therefore the list requires members to be responsible and courteous in what they post.

The following are specific violations of these guidelines:

Questions regarding the appropriateness of a any post should be directed to the or .

Violations of these guidelines will result in private warnings to the offending party. Continued violations after these warnings will result in the party being removed from the list. Any instance of overt mailbombing shall result in immediate removal from the list. All such actions shall be solely at the discretion of the Listmaster and Directors.

List Filters

The list server is configured to reject certain message types. These messages will "bounced" and be returned to the sender. These message types are as follows: