GMCnet Status

Due to the large volume of email inquiries that we receive in the event of technical problems with
GMCnet, these emails will usually be answered with reply consisting solely of a link to this page.

Note that the order has been changed to most recent first.

04/29/2014 10:00 PM EDT The list server has been compromised by a spambot and is sending out spam. It has been shut down as a security precaution while we evaluate options for restoring it. Check back here for updates.

11/24/2010 4:55 PM EST The server apparently went down yesterday at approximately 4:00 PM EST. Unfortunately I'm travelling for the holiday, so unless I can restart it remotely today, it will be Saturday before I can "lay hands" on it.

8/24/2008 9:41 PM EDT The temporary server has been online for approximately 2 weeks running Mailman. General information on the new
list is available at Subscriber information at has been revised.

8/12/2008 6:45 PM EDT Thanks to Billy Massey for providing a temporary list at while I get the server sorted out. Billy's
list has a hourly email limit of 1500 messages - that's not too difficult to hit with our volume, so it's important
to move quickly. Info on the temporary list is at:

Hopefully, by the end of this week, we'll be back to a more permanent solution.

8/02/2008 9:28 PM EDT Comcast finally came through with the static IPs. Plus the UPS batteries and the new rack shelves arrived
and have been installed. The server is up and running and I'm trying to configure the Mailman software.
Obviously missed the Friday deadline, but still working on it.

Here's a picture with everything up and running. Cleaned things up a little, but still need to fix that
leaning rack...

7/29/2008 9:01 PM EDT Still waiting on Comcast to provision the static IPs. In the meantime, I thought I'd post a couple
photos of "Frankenserver" to kill some time. I guess it's sad testimony to how hopeless a
geek I am that I have sufficient spare parts laying around to build a useable server.

The photo on the left shows the equipment rack in my office closet with "Frankenserver" on the lower
right. The rack was "donated" by my previous employer when it was left behind during an office move.
In the rack is the 700VA UPS donated by Terry Taylor - with shipping donated by Jim Kanomata.
The UPS is awaiting new batteries(which, according to the other UPS, will be here Friday) - the
sadly bulged originals are sitting on the rack base.

The photo on the right is a close-up of "Frankenserver". It's a 12 year old ATX case with a 4 year old
Biostar M7VIGPro motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 1.8ghz processor and 2gb of RAM. I've ordered a rack
mount case so I can get the box off the office floor and a couple additional shelves for the monitor
and keyboard. This is definitely an interim soluton. Once I settle on the list server software, I'll
build a machine to suit its requirements.

BTW, if you think the rack is leaning, your eyes aren't deceiving you. I've been meaning to fix that...

7/28/2008 10:32 PM EDT The good news is that my business trip was cancelled at the last minute, allowing me to get some
work done on the server this evening. The bad news is that I just got off the phone with Comcast
support and they don't have my block of static IPs provisioned yet. Planning an irate phone call to
sales rep' tomorrow.
7/27/2008 10:00 PM EDT The temporary replacement server has been assembled and tested. Personal commitments and
travel the first of next week will postpone any further progress until Wednesday July 30.
If the database can be saved from the current server, I will load Lyris ListManager on the
temporary machine. If the database is irretrievable, then most likely we'll move to
Mailman list software as an interim solution. Barring further setbacks, I hope to have the
list running again before August 1.
7/25/2008 10:44 PM EDT The listserver was restarted last night and worked through the backlog, but then stalled
again this morning. I'm currently working on relocating the server to my office. The new
router was installed today and I've got a spare computer that may serve temporarily until
the new machine is on line. At this time, it doesn't make sense to try to save the current
server as efforts should be concentrated on a sustainable solution.
7/24/2008 8:16 PM EDT The listserver stopped last night as a result of overloading due to high spam traffic.
The server has been restarted and will hopefully be able to work thru the backlog.

Please remember, if the list server is down, there is a web-based mirror of the GMCnet mailinglist at: